Lovisa Schampi | Snippets
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Faraway Freedom

I used the sky as my safety. My fear as a driver and love as a slave. Coldness as cover and warmth as shame. I used the dark as my friend. My voice as riddles and smiles as denial. Heartache as treasure and sorrow as charm. I used the light as...

Searching For Home

She always thought it was about the destination. So searching for home, she ran away. Again, and again and again. Every now and then she found it; in the raging storms, with the crashing thunder and the lightnings illuminating the sky. When the sea was its darkest,...

Wrecked Worlds

“I’m not supposed to be here.” One lonely thought in eternity. Wrenched from reality into a dimension that wasn’t hers, she watched infinity stretch ahead of her in blank white. Before she knew it, the vacuum stole her body and took her name. Loss trickled through her like...