Lovisa Schampi | Faraway Freedom
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Faraway Freedom

I used the sky as my safety.
My fear as a driver and love as a slave.
Coldness as cover and warmth as shame.

I used the dark as my friend.
My voice as riddles and smiles as denial.
Heartache as treasure and sorrow as charm.

I used the light as my dress.
My regrets as stories and youth as prestige.
Flaws as diamonds and scars as art.

I used the race as my fun.
My games as guardians and danger as bliss.
Escape as fire and speed as my wits.

I used the earth as my body.
My pain as a mentor and bruises as grit.
Burdens as laughs and farewells as gold stars.

I used the ocean as my heart.
My soul as a captive and my head in the waves.
Dreams as my lover, concealed in these shells.













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