Lovisa Schampi | Wrecked Worlds
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Wrecked Worlds

I’m not supposed to be here.” One lonely thought in eternity.
Wrenched from reality into a dimension that wasn’t hers, she watched infinity stretch ahead of her in blank white.

Before she knew it, the vacuum stole her body and took her name.
Loss trickled through her like cold water as she woke up to a delirium in which she existed without herself.

“Do you get it?” His voice echoed from the other world. “Do you understand, that this face — “ soft hands found her cheeks but she was no longer there to feel them, “ — has always existed, and always will.”

She watched the boy. His eyes were like puddles, glistening in greenish brown. So real and so obvious, but unable to reach her.
Time had seized. She stared at him and a million lifetimes passed.

“I — I’m not here anymore,” she whispered.

A shadow flashed over the boy’s sunny eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not here. I’m all alone and there’s no one else. Nothing else. I’m stuck here on my own.”
The white void expanded. “I’m not getting out.” Fear squeezed her with its freezing hands and separation tore her apart again.

The boy from the old world smiled and took her in his arms.
“You’re not alone.” His human heart beat strong under his skin.

But she was. Alone.
And so was he, only he didn’t know it yet.


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